August 3, 2010


I can't believe my last post was January....oh wait, yes I can! Life has been quite hectic to say the least. But I finally have no more excuses for the lack of blogging...I just got my very first laptop and am absolutely in LOVE with's a Mac and although I have sooo much to learn, we are getting along great. It really is like a relationship....learning new things each day.

Right now we are on vacation in Virginia with the Family.

I will post more later...just wanted to finally update the pics and backgrounds before going to bed.

January 24, 2010

House Plans

I am very overwhelmed because we make settlement in 19 days. By the time we settle, I need to have paint colors picked out for the rooms that will be painted and carpets ordered. The weekend after we have the house, we plan on painting and carpeting to make sure that's out of the way before the "big move" happens.

A couple months ago, right before Christmas, Mackie went on an "I love everything pink and black!" So of course, Santa honored this with just about every item he gave her. Now that it is time to pick out room colors, Mackie and Kaylee (who will be sharing) decided on a pink and black theme. Danielle and I found this on PotteryBarn Teen and the girls (and I) loved it! So this is the theme we are going for....of course I had to improvise and shop around because to get one set of everything at PB is a tad pricey, but to double the order, was a little extreme.

The polka dot comforter we actually scored from Pennys. What an ordeal that was! When I finally placed my order, Pennys told me they couldn't complete it because they were sold out. I was bummed! I still stalked the webpage everyday to see if I could add to my cart. Danielle decided to try entering some fancy codes and viola! It worked! I ended up with 2 comforters! YIPPIE!! Also from Pennys, I ordered 2 white bed skirts and 2 plain black shams. I couldn't resist the pink initial pillow from PB along with 2 polka dot pillow cases. To complete the ensemble, I picked up (thanks to Danielle), 2 pink quilts from Target- that just so happen to match the initial pillow perfectly! Pink walls and gray carpets should complete the room. Of course I will post the finished project!

I don't have any pics to upload of Gia's set. But like her sisters, she is going for pink and black. Her comforter set is pink design (from Target) along with a black quilt. I ordered her the initial pillow from PB in black. We will paint the walls a faint-pink color, because the bedspread is vivid!

As for the rest of the house....who knows??? I have been stalking Danielle just about 5 times a day for advice, questions, opinions, etc. I call her my I.D. - interior decorator. Gotta tell ya, she also is a deal seeker- always seems to find the best prices! Keep it up Danielle! I have yet to utilize all of my friends talents...but don't you worry I surely will! Nicole is going to be my wallpaper remover and picture frame hanger upper! Lauren- well she is an amazing painter and creative crafty one that will truely come in hand for the decorating. So if your name was mentioned be prepared for the constant nagging. If I didn't mention you, doesn't mean I won't be bothering you either.....oh you wait!

January 16, 2010

Sheww...It's been FOREVER!

Ok, I know I am way behind with my blog. Everytime I fall behind, I claim that I am going to make a conscience effort to do better. I realized why it is so important to keep up with this, thanks to Matt's Aunt Barb! We saw her at Matt's cousin's wedding and she told me how she enjoys reading it/seeing what's going on with us. So, I will try my very best. (Blogging would also be way easier if Matt would just get me the Apple Laptop I have been dreaming of...but I guess one thing at a time.)

Things have been sooooo crazy since my last summer post. To try and sum up our lives in a nut shell- In October, we moved in with my parents because my house sold and we hadn't found a house yet. So God Bless Mom and Dad for allowing all 5 of us to live here. My parents are complete saints who help us out tremendously. (For example, they drive our girls to school, EVERY DAY!)

As of right now, we found our dream house, bid on it, and are under contract with a settlement date of February 12th (Gia's Birthday!) WoooHoooo...can't wait.

I tried to trace back to the end of the summer and include some tid bits of what's been going on in our lives.

September 7th was the girls' first day of school. To make a long story short, Winslow (which is where the girls used to attend because I work in district), decided they didn't want to support their own policy and told us we could no longer attend their schools. So, three days before school started I had to register them in Williamstown. They absolutely love it! I'm not to fond of the half day kindergarten schedule, but at least they are happy!

New backpacks and outfits, of course!

On September 13th Dad's Rutgers Alumni Group sold tickets for the Riversharks game. So we packed up the troop and enjoyed some good ole' baseball.

Gia is my little soccer star. She made the travel team this year and loves every minute of it!

I just had to throw this in there. Mackie is obessed with cameras. When I finally downloaded all of my pics, I found about 60 pictures that she took of herself! So of course, Santa Clause recognized this, and made sure to include this in her Christmas pile!

 favorite vacation, EVER!! Matt's brother Bill, organized a vacation to Mexico for all of us. So we, and five other couples, packed up our towels and suntan lotion and headed to Mexico on Friday, October 23rd. We came home on Monday. It was just a little slice of heaven!

The whole group!

And my absolute favorite....

(I think they're in love...)

On October 27th, we celebrated Joshie's 5th Birthday, at the "Dragon Place". (Obviously named by the kids.)

Halloween is one of the kids favorite Holidays. Mackie was a butterfly, Kaylee was a Genie and Gia was Batgirl. We hung out at Nicki's house and then the kids walked around the neighborhood.

On November 2nd, we celebrated Ava's third Birthday. The girls all had a blast bouncing around at JumpZone. Then we went back to Aunt ReRe's for more food and fun.

Mommy and Ava

On November 14, Matt and I, along with our friends, went to a Penn State Football Game. This is an anual event. Two years ago, Matt and I went alone. The following year, Scott and Lauren joined our fun. This year, we expanded, adding Dave and Carol. What a great time we have, tailgating and of course watching the game. Every year, we improve our tailgating-ness....can't wait for next year. Who wants to join us?

Matt and Lauren wrapped the tent to protect us from the mist and wind! Thanks Lauren!

Thanksgiving was spent at my sister, Nicki's, house. We had a delicious feast.

Nicki spent the day doing this.....

And I did this....

Christmas came and went faster than anything. I will post our Christmas pictures soon!

On January 2nd, we had a great time at Andrew's (Matt's cousin) wedding.

We were posing for a next magazine shoot!

The cousins...Jeff, Matt and Bill

Then, ALL the cousins!

And for the best news....we bought a house! Our settlement date is February 12th. It is a dream come true for all of us- including my parents, who probably want their house back to normal!

August 20, 2009

What the "McShipleys" have Been upto Lately...

Since our Virginia vacation, we have kept ourselves busy doing various things and enjoying each and every minute of what is left of our summer vacation!!